Titan Silos

SS-280 Silo System

The all-new Titan SS-280 silo system by FB Industries offers the largest capacity mobile storage solution in the industry. The innovative frac sand silo design reduces standby time and site footprint for increased efficiencies and cost savings.

SS-190 Silo System

Introducing the all-new, completely redesigned Titan Silos SS-190 & Cobra Conveyor frac sand storage system.

Mantis Conveyor

Mantis Conveyor Demonstration

The Mantis is a Patent Pending multi-drive over transloading system designed for conveying various types of proppants directly to the blender.

Introducing the Mantis Conveyor

The Mantis can be used as a single or double system that directly conveys proppants into a blender which can eliminate any type storage containers on-site. Various configurations available.

Transloader Conveyors

Transloaders Overview

Efficient loading and unloading of railcars and semi-trailers.
Designed to load and unload in any job, its low clearance conveyor easily slides under railcars or trailers, and its height allows for easy loading.

TL24 Transloader

Introducing the all-new TL24 Transloader. This 24 inch wide Transloader fills the gap between high flow capacities and heavy-duty reliability.

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