Cybersecurity is becoming more mainstream and aggressive in the energy sector.
March 26, 2015- Equipment News - Health & Safety News - Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Cybersecurity concerns growing in the oil and gas industry

The use of real-time analytics and data-sharing has been a growing part of the energy sector for the past few years, with technology playing an even larger role in the day-to-day drilling activities of many exploration companies.

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New rules will force companies to make their fracking chemicals public within 30 days.
March 20, 2015- Equipment News - Health & Safety News - Industry News

New federal fracking rules include updates to chemicals and well-bore integrity

The U.S. Department of Interior released its long-awaited federal rules on fracking March 20, which included revamped security and disclosure measures on public land.

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Gas drilling in North Carolina may begin in a matter of months.
March 16, 2015- Health & Safety News - Industry News

Fracking permits can be issued soon in North Carolina

In North Carolina, the state legislature finally hashed out an agreement on fracking regulations and passed a bill through both chambers of the assembly, with the law going into effect March 17, according to The Associated Press.

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Drillers are getting more out of each rig.
March 9, 2015- Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Oil and gas trends possibly point toward formula for success

Global oil prices have largely bottomed out in recent weeks, no longer drastically free falling week to week, but still holding steady around the $50 per barrel mark.

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Natural gas pipelines could help reduce flaring.
February 26, 2015- Equipment News - Health & Safety News - Industry News

Natural gas flaring highlights need for more pipeline

Drilling companies have long struggled with the ability to adequately move their products from one location to another.

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Drillers are utilizing a new cost culture to better manage projects.
February 18, 2015- Industry News

Drilling companies look internally for productivity

The drop in oil prices may have reduced rig counts and taken a knife to high profits, but it also created a new work environment among oil and gas companies with greater focus on sustainability and efficiency.

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Analytics allows drillers to be more efficient per well.
February 10, 2015- Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Upstream producers increasing efficiency through analytics

While downstream oil companies haven’t felt the immediate burden of low oil prices, their upstream counterparts are having a harder time dealing with the lack of profitability.

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Oil prices may soon revert back to normal levels.
February 3, 2015- Industry News

Have oil prices finally bottomed out?

The seven-month slide of oil prices may begin rising once more after recent data showed reasonable gains in the past week.

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Oil prices could rise in the second half of 2015.
January 28, 2015- Health & Safety News - Industry News - Product Trends

US balancing energy and environmental concerns

The ongoing slump in oil prices has created a new atmosphere concerning the future of energy in the U.S.

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Energy companies can expect higher oil prices in 2015.
January 20, 2015- Equipment News - Industry News - Product Trends

Oil market to rebalance in coming months

A report from the International Energy Agency indicated current pressures on the oil market will continue for much of 2015, however, prices will begin to slowly rise in the second half of the year.

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