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October 29, 2015- Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Fracking productivity boom continues, aids in national budget

Oil well production has doubled every two years due to advances in hydraulic fracturing.

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Local schools were the top recipient for state revenue generated by fracking, a Duke University study found.
October 23, 2015- Industry News

Studies find fracking provides economic boost to states and rural communities

Two studies found hydraulic fracturing has created positive economic changes for rural communities and states where production occurs.

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Fracking is unlikely to contaminate drinking water, a new study finds.
October 16, 2015- Health & Safety News - Industry News

Two studies show fracking has no negative effect on water quality or waste

Two new studies from prestigious universities found the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing to be minimal.

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North Carolina legislators move to increase energy production in the state.
October 9, 2015- Industry News

N.C. lawmakers stop local bans on natural gas drilling

North Carolina has prohibited local governments from overstepping state legislation to limit natural gas drilling.

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A federal judge ruled that new fracking rules overstep jurisdiction.
October 2, 2015- Industry News

Judge blocks Obama administration’s fracking rules

A federal judge in Wyoming has blocked new fracking regulations set forth by the Obama administration.

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Drilling companies have seen steady oil prices in recent months.
July 1, 2015- Industry News

Price of oil settles, yet companies still face risks

After months of market volatility dating back to 2014, oil has settled at a stable price – one that is likely to continue for some time.

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Drilling expected to increase.
June 29, 2015- Industry News

Drilling Productivity Report released

The U.S. Energy Information Administration published its Drilling Productivity Report, with the results indicating drilling predictions through July will be higher than the previous year.

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Drilling continues at a high volume.
June 29, 2015- Industry News

Oil Market Report released for May

According to the International Energy Agency’s report for June, the volume of global oil supplies decreased by 155,000 barrels per day, settling at 96 million barrels per day in May.

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Demand for natural gas increased.
June 29, 2015- Industry News

Natural gas use increases in East

Good news continues for the nation’s natural gas consumption. 

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Fracking study reveals current regulations are sufficient and safe.
June 18, 2015- Industry News

Fracking study reveals no systemic contamination to water sources

On June 4, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a study and found no systemic pollution to drinking water resources as a result of fracking.

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