Articles from February, 2015

Natural gas pipelines could help reduce flaring.
February 26, 2015- Equipment News - Health & Safety News - Industry News

Natural gas flaring highlights need for more pipeline

Drilling companies have long struggled with the ability to adequately move their products from one location to another.

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Drillers are utilizing a new cost culture to better manage projects.
February 18, 2015- Industry News

Drilling companies look internally for productivity

The drop in oil prices may have reduced rig counts and taken a knife to high profits, but it also created a new work environment among oil and gas companies with greater focus on sustainability and efficiency.

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Analytics allows drillers to be more efficient per well.
February 10, 2015- Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Upstream producers increasing efficiency through analytics

While downstream oil companies haven’t felt the immediate burden of low oil prices, their upstream counterparts are having a harder time dealing with the lack of profitability.

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Oil prices may soon revert back to normal levels.
February 3, 2015- Industry News

Have oil prices finally bottomed out?

The seven-month slide of oil prices may begin rising once more after recent data showed reasonable gains in the past week.

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