Articles from December, 2014

Oil and gas companies will become more efficient in 2015.
December 24, 2014- Equipment News - Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

What’s up next for oil and gas companies heading into 2015?

Oil and gas looks poised to remain strong in the new year, despite uncertainty in the global marketplace and skepticism regarding the decisions of some of the industry’s largest players.

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Both oil and gas will remain in high demand in the coming decades.
December 15, 2014- Equipment News - Health & Safety News - Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Demand for energy, efficiency will rise in the future

A new report from ExxonMobil Corporation indicated global energy demand will be greatly impacted by expanding populations and growth in the middle class.

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Oil production will remain strong in January.
December 9, 2014- Industry News

Oil production to maintain pace in 2015

Gasoline prices have fallen significantly over the past year, bringing concern over the future of oil production in the U.S.

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The price of oil has dropped considerably over the past six months.
December 3, 2014- Industry News - Product Trends

Many in the global oil market uncertain of the future

As the price of oil per barrel continues its steady slide, worries over production and demand for for the resource have been up and down in recent months.

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Fracking has pushed the U.S. to new production heights.
December 1, 2014- Industry News - Product Innovations - Product Trends

Energy outlook would be drastically different without fracking

 The fracking boom of the last decade has not only increased production levels of American energy resources, but has also majorly impacted global energy prices.

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