Articles from July, 2014

States that have active fracking and horizontal drilling have seen a better economic recovery since the recession.
July 30, 2014- Industry News

Economy booming in fracking states

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling practices have given states with oil fields and high rig counts an economic boost after the recession.

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Texas crude oil production keeps on growing.
July 28, 2014- Industry News

Texas oil production rises again

In 2013, several energy experts were forecasting a “slowdown” on Texas’s oil production, but instead, the state’s output grew – as well as the value per barrel.

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South Dakota will see a new $65 million frac sand facility added during high demand.
July 24, 2014- Equipment News - Industry News

South Dakota plans to add new frac sand mining facility

While only a few states such as Texas and Wisconsin are big players in the frac sand industry, newcomer – North Dakota is looking to become a new resource for sand.

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Natural gas output in North America continues to surge and it could shift global demand.
July 23, 2014- Industry News - Product Trends

North American natural gas output could shift global market

Natural gas production in North America has become a staple in global energy production, and it could have the chance to alter how other nations receive their resources.

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The U.S. is continuing to produce massive amounts of natural gas though shale formations.
July 22, 2014- Industry News

Natural gas output remains lucrative in US

According to a recently released BP report, natural gas production across the globe reached a record-breaking high of 328 billion cubic feet per day in 2013.

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New reports from major energy companies' Q2 2014 earnings show earnings and revenue are up.
July 21, 2014- Industry News - Product Trends

Energy companies earnings up because of US fracking demand

Halliburton Co. recently announced its second quarter earnings for 2014, which showed their net income increased by 20 percent to $774 million.

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U.S. Silica recently purchased frac-sand company Cadre Services for $98 million.
July 18, 2014- Industry News - Product Trends

US Silica acquires Texas-based Cadre Services Inc. for $98 million

A major acquisition was made on July 16, when U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. announced the purchase of all the outstanding shares from Cadre Services Inc.

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An energy expert recently reported the U.S. shale boom is just entering the beginning stages or production.
July 17, 2014- Equipment News - Industry News

Energy exec: US shale boom not slowing down

Ben van Beurden explained the U.S. oil output is likely to continue to grow and it could increase even more if the nation’s government permits crude exports.

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While fracking technology has helped the U.S. in energy production in the last decade, the process has been used for more than 50 years.
July 16, 2014- Product Innovations - Product Trends

How hydraulic fracturing made the US an energy giant

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has been around for more than half a century in the U.S. – beginning when energy companies performed fracking experiments to reach coal seam gas around the 1940s.

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The U.S. oil production is exceeding to a point where domestic refineries are playing catch-up.
July 15, 2014- Equipment News - Industry News - Product Innovations

US refiners trailing nation’s oil boom production

The U.S. has quickly become one of the largest producers of oil and gas in the world, but while the production continues to surge, the nation’s refineries are facing challenges to keep up with the pace.

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