Articles from May, 2014

Ohio owes much of its recent good fortune to hydraulic fracturing.
May 30, 2014- Industry News

Ohio has benefited considerably from fracking

Ohio has been lucky to sit on top of the Utica Shale deposit, which offers considerable opportunities to drilling companies that benefit the state.

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Illinois is trying to pick up the pace on embracing the fracking boom.
May 28, 2014- Industry News

States have differing reactions to the fracking boom

Fracking has been a major boon to the U.S. economy, and it’s not going away. How different states react depend on their individual energy and economic situations.

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Many community groups demand further transparency about the contents of fracking fluid.
May 27, 2014- Health & Safety News - Industry News

As demand for fracking increases, focus on compliance likely to grow as well

As hydraulic fracturing grows, the demand for fracking fluid is likely to increase. As these industries get bigger, it is likely communities will ask for further transparency about the chemicals used during fracking.

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Hydraulic fracturing reduces U.S. dependence on foreign oil.
May 23, 2014- Industry News

Oil prices rise due to decreased reliance on imports

Hydraulic fracturing is keeping U.S. oil booming, however with this increase in profit comes a responsibility to regulate the industry and keep it safe.

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Energy spending rose last winter.
May 22, 2014- Industry News

2013-14 winter saw increase in energy use

Spending on energy rose this winter. Fortunately, there have been booms in both natural gas and crude oil due in part of hydraulic fracturing.

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Natural gas may one day power some of the drill rigs at the Bakken.
May 21, 2014- Industry News

Production increases at the Bakken Shale Reserve

Oil and gas production at the Bakken shale field is up. Additionally, some of the rigs used to drill for natural gas may run on some of the same natural gas they drill out of the Bakken.

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Louisiana's water supply has not been contaminated by drilling, according to Briggs.
May 20, 2014- Health & Safety News - Industry News

Louisiana, Wyoming to see more hydraulic fracturing

Louisiana is reaping the benefits of hydraulic fracturing, and Wyoming will see five more producers who will drill for natural gas.

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Thanks to hydraulic fracturing, the U.S. will have enough natural gas for the next winter.
May 19, 2014- Industry News

U.S. will have enough gas for next winter

Hydraulic fracturing has lead to increase natural gas production, ensuring the U.S. will have enough gas in time for the next winter.

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Hydraulic fracturing is a major boon to natural gas and crude oil supplies.
May 16, 2014- Industry News

Dominion Cove Point gets initial pre-approval for LNG export plant

Dominion Cove Point is continuing its process of building a plant where it can ship natural gas to places outside the U.S. Its ability to ship natural gas is thanks to the boom in production coming from hydraulic fracturing.

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Crude exports are difficult under current laws.
May 14, 2014- Industry News

U.S. government deciding whether to make exports of crude easier

The U.S. government has currently entered a decision making process whereby it will decide whether to lift the ’70s-era ban on most crude exports.

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