Articles from February, 2014

February 6, 2014- Industry News

Gas companies in Alaska see pipeline project agreement a step in the right direction

Oil and gas companies met with state legislators before the senate and were able to come to an agreement on the Alaska pipeline project to help pursue toward more liquefied natural gas exploration.

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February 5, 2014- Equipment News - Health & Safety News - Industry News

Former interior secretary plans to educate public on safe fracking methods

While some of the public is still hesitant on fracking, former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar wants to educate people on the safety measures involved in fracking.

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February 4, 2014- Industry News - Product Trends

American Energy buys 56,000 acres in the Utica Shale to further natural gas exploration

American Energy recently purchased 56,000 acres in the Utica Shale and plans to use hydraulic fracturing methods around 2,700 gross wells in the next decade.

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February 3, 2014- Industry News - Product Trends

Marcellus Shale changing the geography in supply and demand for natural gas

As the natural gas production continues to grow in the U.S., the Marcellus Shale is slowly starting to move in as the leading region energy production in the country.

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