FB Industries was founded in 2008 after identifying the need to improve the efficiency of frac sand storage and handling.

Traditional equipment was limiting the industries’ potential to keep up with high demand for frac sand while still limiting the equipment footprint. Combining feedback from potential customers with our own experience in the oil and gas industry, FB Industries began development on what would become the industry-leading Titan Sand Silo system.

Titan Silo being raised
Early tests with the Scorpion Trailer raising a Titan Silo

After refining our initial concepts with feedback from potential customers, FB Industries started producing equipment for our first major project in 2010, and quickly received more orders. Our company went from start-up in 2010 to a major player in the frac sand handling space in just a few short years. The demand for our products continues to grow.

In 2012, FB Industries expanded our product offerings by becoming the exclusive distributor for Convey-All Industries oil and gas equipment. In addition to these products, FB Industries offers specialized transloading equipment and options for permanent sand storage.

Our company is diversifying and has recently worked on developing products outside of frac sand handling, including hot oil heating units and mobile cement silos.

FB Industries is constantly developing, looking for new areas to invent innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s companies and beyond.

FB Industries works with many of the leading companies in the oil and gas industry, helping them maximize their efficiency and sand handling capabilities. Our company has never been afraid of change, with our team of innovative thinkers anticipating potential shifts in our markets before they happen.

Some of the first Titan frac sand silos
Some of the first Titan frac sand silos

FB Industries is a company that is driven by the success of our customers. We continue to offer new products based on customer conversations and market analysis, taking pride in listening to their needs and providing custom solutions that best fit their business.

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